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The Schism

The Schism

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Safe for travel, best in class ergonomics, easy to customize!

Featured Components

Kailh hot swap PCB modules
Raspberry Pi Pico
Gateron Clear Switches (35g)
Laser Fused Nylon Keycaps
USBC3.1 interconnected adjustable modules
USBC-GCC cable and rapid cable harness.


The Schism utilizes 3 pieces of CNC cut and bent metal, assembled with stainless steel screws, nylon tension knobs, and nylon washers to protect your controllers finish.

The Modules utilize an open frame design, with a threaded bottom plate. Each module is secured using specially manufactured magnetic sheets. This allows you to make adjustments on the fly, while not having to worry about your controller coming apart in transit or moving during the heat of battle!


The controllers boards are sold as a set for replacement, and are open sourced. The modules themselves are also open source and made readily available for emergency replacement. Everything can be replaced with a SINGLE hex key :)


The lowest possible latency and max compatibility is ensured in console and USB modes with the 133Mhz ARM Cortex processor found in the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Support for Gamecube, Switch, and PC are built in. Further console functionality can be enabled using a Brooks Wingman USB stick for consoles like PS4 and new Xboxes.

Guides for this Wingman functionality will be made available in the future, in the mean time feel free to reach out for support or reassurance in setting up additional console functionality, its very easy and straightforward. There are also members of the Discord who are always glad to help.


Ergonomic Benefits

The Schism represents a new generation of ergonomics for digital fight pad users.

Based on the b0xx layout by Hax$, the schism re-engineers the locations, angles, and spacing of the right and left action clusters. They are rotated distally along the roll axis, this eliminates the need for ulnar deviation and forearm pronation, two of the most common postural causes of RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

Additionally, the personalized spacing and relative position of the modules allows users to relax their fingers into a natural curled position; this further reduces strain, and helps improve reaction times. The close spacing and mixed keycap choices allows the entire thumb to activate the 5 button action cluster with minimal movement and while maintaining optimum posture.

The Schism provides a superior ergonomic experience to traditional flat digital fight-pads or “rectangles”. Ask any of our many satisfied customers on the Discord or look at our reviews to see what has everyone talking!

Or just take it from some of Melee’s best digital players and WunVzn team members; Chef, Swift, and Joey Donuts.

If you have any questions my DMs and email are always open!

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